We're already into the fourth week of our 12 week Eating Well Challenge and this program is proving to be a success thus far with an above 80% attendance record!!  Participants are sharing their stories of what they find works and don't work all the while obtaining valuable information and resources to assist them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Instead of focusing on the actual number on the scale, they are focusing on how exercise and diet can play a part in maintaining a healthy weight.  They are also learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the 12 week program is completed.

Here are some of the topics covered:

Week 1: Are you ready for a change – Getting Started (COMPLETE)
Week 2: Setting Goals (COMPLETE)
Week 3: Boost Exercise (COMPLETE)
Week 4: Make Smart Choices (COMPLETE)
Week 5: Outsmarting Eating Triggers
Week 6: Get Support
Week 7: Recharge Your Weight Loss
Week 8: Embrace Challenges
Week 9: Solve Problems
Week 10: Think Big Picture
Week 11: Be Nice to Yourself
Week 12: Celebrate Success

Success in the program hinges on participating each week. Also, participants are given the option to weigh at the end of each night to gauge your progress.

Stay tuned for further updates from this program and your chance to join our next 12 Week Eating Well Challenge.




Your YMCA Fall Update

While a lot of people are sad to see summer come to an end, one must admit the fall colors are absolutely spectacular. And the weather has been amazing as well.  It's hard to believe we are already more than a month into our fall fitness schedule.  While our membership numbers took a bit of a dip over the summer they have rebounded even better than this time last year.  Our Health and Wellness numbers are currently at around 835 which is up from around 785 last year at this time.

While quite a few of the little tykes in our morning babysitting have grown up and moved on to Kindergarten Programs throughout various schools and our Playing to Learn Program we have noticed some new, sweet little faces joining us in the morning.  Our staff just love seeing their excited little faces come through the door every morning so they can enjoy playing while their mommies, daddies and grandparents attend class or go to the Cross Training Centre.  Their morning ritual is to run straight to the kitchen, gather around the table and enjoy their morning snack with each other.  It's almost like those little tykes have their very own breakfast club!!!

All of our Childcare Staff are back from their much needed summer break and have our Afterschool Programs and our Playing to Learn Programs in full swing. With more than 100 children in our Afterschool Programs in 5 locations and more than 60 children in our Playing to Learn Programs in two locations, our staff have their work cut out for them, providing much needed childcare to working parents and invaluable learning for our preschoolers.

Our Community Youth Network continues to remain busy with lots of activities for our youth.  From movies to pool to many fun activities, it's great to see youth dropping by to connect with their peers in a safe and fun environment.

Our Cap Site, which provides free internet access to the public, is open to a steady, daily stream of individuals who wish to surf the net for various reasons.  While most individuals are just looking to browse the latest happenings on Facebook, etc. a lot of individuals are seeking help in finding employment, retrieving their banking information or looking to pay a bill.  In any case, we are pleased to offer this free service to our community.

We hope this gives you a little snapshot of some of the many great things we do here at the YMCA.  Stay tuned for our next update this winter.  

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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