What is YThrive? What can YOU expect?
YThrive is an exercise program that will help you improve your health and physical performance or help you take more control of your life and achieve results. It provides you with the support to get started, the flexibility to do it on your own, results to stay motivated, and the opportunities to connect with others just like you.
Each workout is designed to be 30 to 50-minutes in length, and every 90 days you get a new routine and a new set
of results to work toward.
YThrive has five streams based on your familiarity with fitness and fitness level:
The FLEX stream is for a confident exerciser looking to maximize strength and muscle gain.
The BOOST stream is for an occasional or active exerciser looking to maintain a healthy weight or lifestyle.
The BALANCE stream is for individuals looking to improve their overall health, increase energy levels & lead a more active lifestyle.
Our BEGIN stream will give you the skills and confidence to get started on your fitness journey.
And our GROW stream is an option to get your 10 to 15 year old more active.
YThrive provides you with the support to get started, quick results to stay motivated and flexibility to get it done solo. No additional cost, appointment times or intimidating routines. Don’t wait another 90 days! It’s as simple as a visit to the membership desk.

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When attending Group Fitness Classes please remember the following:
*Have your valid membership card ready (if you do not have a membership card, please present a government issued photo I.D.
*Please remember to bring lots of water and a mat
*Participants must be registered to attend.  We are unable to accommodate drop-ins at this time.

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Get Involved

Every day at the YMCA, we are changing the lives of Canadians all across the country. Our mission is fueled by our desire to give everyone the opportunities they need to live healthier and happier lives. We cannot do this alone. As a charity, we depend on the generosity of our donors and the passion of our volunteers to help us support over two million Canadians on their journey to better health. There’s many ways to help others in your community through the YMCA. However you choose to get involved, together, we will make a difference.

YMCA Strong Kids

YMCA Strong Kids is an annual fundraising campaign focused on raising much needed resources to support proven YMCA programs that give kids the opportunities they need to reach their full potential: to live healthier, happier lives today, and grow into productive adults in the future.

Supporting the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign directly helps children, teens and young adults in your community.  Together, we can build a healthy community.

Last year, through the generosity of over 58,000 donors, $11.4M was raised through the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign across the nation.  Your generosity along with funds raised through other sources supported the participation of over a quarter of a million people living in Canada, primarily children, teens and young adults. Learn More

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