Cardio/Toning with Rhonda
This class is perfect for those who wish to push the limits.  It consists of cardio and resistance and works the whole body.  Individuals of varying different levels will enjoy this class. Come in today and try it out. (*Please bring a mat*)

Chair Mobility with Bernice
You don’t need to have full mobility to enjoy the full benefits of exercise.  Our Chair Mobility Class is designed for seniors, individuals with limited mobility and balance, live with chronic pain, or are recovering from an injury.  If you fall into one of those categories, or if you want a class that consists more of a mind-body connection, then you just have to come in and give this class a try. (*Mats not required*)

Co-Ed Yoga with Maureen
This class is great for men and women of all ages and all skill levels. Yoga helps increase flexibility, enhance muscle definition, endurance and mental clarity.  Why not give it a try….you won’t be disappointed! (*Please bring a mat*)

Floor/Core/Tone with Bernice 
This class consists of exercises that are done primarily on a mat using an individual’s own body resistance or very light weights.  While some of the major muscle groups are targeted, the main focus of this class is on core strength.  (*Please bring a mat*)

Fit for Life with Bernice
While this class is designed especially for our active older adult participants, it’s sure to meet the needs of all fitness abilities.  It’s also great for people who are just starting to workout.  This class includes a bit of everything for your body to help improve strength, balance and flexibility and to help energize you for the day. (*Mats not required*)

HIIT with Janine (coming back in late October)
This class is designed to combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. This class is intended for all fitness levels and will give you a workout to remember. (*Please bring a mat*)

Move-Stretch-Release with Rory
This slow, controlled 45 minute class will focus on improving joint mobility, muscle flexibility, poster and function.  It will include exercises to be done on a mat and is great for all fitness abilities. (*Please bring a mat*)

Stability Ball with Rory
Using a stability ball, this class continuously challenges participants with exercises that use either body weight only or dumbbells.  This wonderful class targets core and stabilizer muscles. (*Please bring your own Ball*)

Sets and Reps (NEW!!!)
If you’re looking to increase your strength, then this class is for you!!  This easy to follow, low impact, strength building class, will focus on multiple sets and lots of reps to get the muscle fibers activated and working. Be sure to give it a try!! (*Please bring a mat*)

Tabata with Gertrude
Tabata is a basic form of workout and can be easy to follow, through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises. Each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. Intensity is up to you as a variety of choices per exercise group will be offered for all levels of fitness. (*Please bring a mat*)

TGIF with Nora (coming back in late October)
This total body, Friday morning workout is a combination of cardio, upper, lower and core strengthening exercises.  You are sure to get your heartrate up and get a good sweat on.  This class is open to all fitness abilities as modifications will be available.  Come in and give it a try! (*Please bring a mat*)

Toning with Stephanie
This class is suited to the intermediate participant. This class consists of a series of intense strength exercises that will make your muscles burn and heart rate soar. A great way to tone your body!(*Please bring a mat*)

Toning with DeAnn 
This class is suited to all fitness levels and consists of a series of strength exercises set in your own station where you work independently and at your own pace.  It’s a great way to work the body! (*Please bring a mat*)

Zumba (Interval) with Bernice
This class alternates between Zumba music and regular international music to give you a cardio workout to remember.  Designed for active individuals of varying fitness levels from beginner to advanced.  (*Mats not required*)

Zumba with Bernice, Debbie or Mary Jane
Hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves combined to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away!! Designed for individuals of all fitness levels who are looking for something different and enjoy dancing. (*Mats not required)

Come in and enjoy a wide variety of classes conducted by YMCA Canada trained Fitness Leaders!!