Children & Youth

At the Humber Community YMCA our ultimate goal is for children, youth and families to embrace fun and healthy habits that become a lifelong practice.

We emphasize the concepts of total health in spirit, mind and body and develop our programs to instill many core values in our participants.  By building our programs around the values of caring, honesty, inclusiveness, respect and responsibility, the Humber Community YMCA provides the foundation necessary to carry on lifelong growth of individuals into community minded adults.

With the YMCA’s child care, recreation, fitness, leadership development, camp and youth clubs, we help build character and resilience, encouraging personal growth and well-rounded lives.

Health, Fitness & Recreation

What more can you say about an organization that has been promoting an active lifestyle for over 170 years?  The Humber Community YMCA builds on this strong history and continues to offer health & fitness programs to its members and the community.

Through innovative exercise programs and by promoting an active lifestyle, the YMCA cares about your physical well-being but we don’t stop there.  We care about your total health in spirit, mind and body and believe that each of these elements is equally important to achieving overall health.

At the Humber Community YMCA we believe health is more than just being active.  It’s about having a network of support, a job, good working conditions, education and literacy and a safe place to live while remaining active throughout your life.  That’s why we continue to offer programs in all these areas and involve individuals, groups and families.  We target all age groups and all ability levels.

The team at the Humber Community YMCA follows nationally developed programs guided by national standards.  This allows us to offer the same high quality programs with maximum effectiveness.

Some of our health & fitness programs include

  • Group and Older adult fitness classes
  • Individual conditioning
  • Instructor training in fitness
  • …and many, many more
Our facility is equipped with a wheelchair accessible Cross Training Center containing several treadmills, ellipticals, summit trainers, bikes and several other pieces of cardio equipment.  There is a Life Fitness circuit series along with cross-over cable system, squat racks and smyth machine along with lots of free weights.  We have a large studio which have ongoing classes throughout the week and when there are no classes, individuals may use the studio to conduct their own private workouts.
We also have full wheelchair accessible shower facilities available for members to use.

Feel free to drop by the YMCA at the Lower Level Millbrook Mall or call 639-9676 for more information.

Youth Outreach

Community Youth Network (CYN)

CYN is a non-profit, youth-driven organization funded by Human Resources Labour and Employment whose mandate is to assist those ages 10-29 who are living in or at-risk of poverty.   This mandate is achieved through activities and services delivered along its four business lines: employment, learning, community building and support services.

Our Beliefs:

That every child and youth deserves:

  • A personal, one-on-one relationship with a caring adult
  • A safe place to learn and grow
  • A marketable skill to use upon graduation
  • A chance to give back to peers and community
  • A healthy start in life


Employment Supports

The Employment Supports Division of the YMCA serves the community through two streams. Firstly, our team provides the community with access to necessary resources for individuals to achieve their own version of a meaningful attachment to the workforce. The goal is to build on the existing workforce in the Corner Brook – Bay of Islands region by focusing on having those “get to know you” conversations with clients in order to personalize the skills training and resources that best suits the needs of each individual. Our drop-in center is always open, in-person and/or virtually, and welcomes anyone looking to pursue any of their Employment goals.

Secondly, our team is equipped to facilitate the working relationship between employer and employee. We provide employees and employers with the tools to create the best possible work experience. We aim to provide a supportive environment that addresses the needs and concerns of everyone.  

Employment Training Programs running during various times of the year include: 

1.      Individualized, client-centered Employment Support Services

2.      In Motion and Momentum+ pre-employability training program 

3.      Transition to Work 

4.      Linkages  

5.      Amplify

For more information, please contact Ashley Christopher at 639-1720 or Leah Callfas at 639-1730