The Humber Community YMCA is a partnership of volunteers and staff dedicated to promoting the success of individuals, families and communities by offering YMCA programs that build strength in spirit, mind and body.

The Humber Community YMCA serves the Bay of Islands area including the City of Corner Brook, the North and South Shore of the Bay of Islands, the towns of Massey Drive, Steady Brook, Pasadena and Deer Lake.


The YMCA provides values-based programs that teach the importance of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and inclusiveness.  It’s a place where friendships are formed and family ties are strengthened.  A YMCA is a centre of community where people meet and discover common needs or interests.

To reach as many people as we can, the YMCA offers financial assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from its services.

The YMCA is for Everyone

At the YMCA, we believe that everyone should be able to participate in programs they need regardless of their ability to pay the full fees.  That’s because the YMCA is open to everyone – all ages, backgrounds, abilities and financial circumstances.

The YMCA Builds People

It’s for this reason that the YMCA is committed to improving the lives of children and families in our communities by providing safe places, caring and trained volunteers and staff, and programs that teach life skills.  Whether it’s a place to go after school, a place to learn leadership skills, or a place for the family to play and connect, the YMCA is there.